Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Forest Hill

Anti-wrinkle treatment in Forest Hill

We help you achieve the look you desire which is quick and easy, and the result is instantaneous! No prior skin test needed, that means you receive your treatment on spot and the session often takes less than an hour.

Anti-Wrinkle is the brand name that is tantamount to muscle relaxing injections that help smooth facial lines. The renowned active ingredient that creates the magical age reversing effect is called Botulinum Toxin and is widely available as a ‘safe-to-use’ treatment.

What’s loved by both clients and celebrities is that Anti-Wrinkle injections are one of the most affordable, fastest working and most effective non-surgical beauty treatment available.

When injected, by our skilled medical staff in the precise target areas, you will experience a temporarily relaxed muscle in the areas of the face where lines are appearing, which in turn softens lines and contours. The popularly targeted areas are crow’s feet, frown lines, and the forehead.

During the treatment, minute doses of Anti-Wrinkle (Botulinum Toxin) are administered using few tiny needles injected directly into the stubborn areas that show fine lines. A single treatment seating is usually complete in about 30 minutes with no recovery time needed. Within a few days to two weeks, you will notice an improvement in the firmness and elasticity that can last for 3 to 4 months.

Why does Anti-Wrinkle require expert and qualified staff?

Though Anti-Wrinkle treatments are pretty standard these days and the ingredient is abundantly found, facial muscles are complicated and the injections in them require extreme proficiency. Wrongly injected muscles turn out to give frozen looks or make you look like “work just done”. It also snatches away the natural beauty of your face. Frozen looks are the most feared of all the possibilities and hence why Touchwood Pharmacy only recruits highly trained staff to carry out the treatment. Our anti-wrinkle treatment experts are available at our Forest Hill, SE23 stores and will give you the most chiselled results making you glow with youthfulness.

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