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A key factor in limiting the spread of COVID-19 is reducing the transmission rate of the infection. Antigen tests are a rapid form of Covid Testing which can help identify the early onset of a Covid infection without requiring the results to be assessed through lab analysis.
Antigen tests can be performed in house and offer results as soon as 30 minutes after testing. If you are someone who is regularly in contact with a vulnerable person, conducting regular Antigen Testing might be a wise investment for you to keep those who may be susceptible protected. Likewise, if you are someone who works in a public sector, seeking antigen testing on a regular basis is a valid way to ensure your colleagues and clients stay safe.

If you’re looking for the Antigen Test in Sydenham, Antigen Test in Streatham, or Antigen Test in Leighton Buzzard, get in touch with Touchwood Pharmacy today and schedule your appointment.

We also offer Covid Testing including antigen tests at other pharmacy locations including our Northolt, Bromley and Sydenham branches.

Doing the right thing doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Antigen tests are a quick and easy way to do keep Covid at bay, with effective testing to help identify early onset or even asymptomatic presentation of the virus. The best antigen tests in London are conducted by caring pharmacists who explain the process thoroughly and procure the sample as gently as possible.

For convenience and customer care, trust Touchwood Pharmacy and visit us for the antigen test in Walsall, antigen test in Camberely, antigen test in Hanwell and Northampton. Contact the Touchwood pharmacy location nearest you for information or to book your appointment today.

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