5 Reasons to Visit a Travel Clinic Before you Travel

A travel vaccination clinic can provide up-to-the-minute advice about the disease risks in the areas you are flying to and whether or not you need to have any vaccinations. If you are looking for information or travel vaccinations then contact Touchwood Pharmacy’s travel clinic in Camberley or our travel clinic in Walsall for everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of visiting a travel clinic?

Travel clinics can offer so much more than just vaccinations. Here are a few of the other travel clinic services available from Touchwood Pharmacy:

  • A travel vaccination clinic can offer advice on medicines and other treatments you should take with you when you travel based on your destination country.  Typically this will cover products for bites and stings, travel sickness and tummy upsets
  • A travel clinic service will have the most current recommendations on vaccinations and can also issue vaccination certificates such as those required for Yellow Fever
  • A travel vaccination clinic will check if you are up-to-date with all the recommended UK immunisations such as the flu jab and measles; you can be at risk of these illnesses once you leave the UK and this is often overlooked by travellers
  • The pharmacy can provide guidance and information about safe sanitation practises and how to eat and drink whilst minimizing the risk of disease
  • Travellers with pre-existing health conditions may have specific travel requirements in terms of their medication and a travel clinic service can offer guidance on the correct protocols
  • A travel vaccination clinic can advise on access to medical centers and hospitals in the area you are choosing to visit

A travel vaccination clinic will offer comprehensive guidance and advice about safe travel throughout the world of which travel vaccinations are but one element.  Discuss the medical needs for you and your family with a qualified pharmacist who will be able to answer all your questions about foreign travel. If you are looking for a travel clinic in Camberley or a travel clinic in Walsall then Touchwood Pharmacy can help. Visit our website to find out more https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/