Which travellers should consider the Japanese Encephalitis virus vaccine?

Japanese Encephalitis is not that well-known but it is a severe and serious disease.  Japanese Encephalitis is caused by a virus which is spread by mosquitoes and it can cause inflammation of the brain or encephalitis.  There is a vaccine available against Japanese Encephalitis or JE.  Contact Touchwood Pharmacy if you are looking for the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in Streatham or the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in Sydenham.

What is the Japanese Encephalitis season?

Japanese Encephalitis commonly occurs in rural or agricultural areas and is often associated with rice farming.  The transmission is seasonal in temperate areas of Asia and usually peaks in the summer and autumn.  In the subtropics, transmission can occur all year round with a greater risk in the rainy season which is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Encephalitis season.

What are the symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis?

Most people who are infected develop mild symptoms or are asymptomatic so show no symptoms at all.  In more serious cases of the disease, symptoms can include fever, headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.  The disease may progress to cause inflammation of the brain or encephalitis accompanied by seizures.  In these patients, coma and paralysis is also a possible outcome.

Is it necessary to have the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine?

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is recommended for people moving to areas where JE is endemic and who will be staying long term so more than one month or frequent travellers to JE locations, particularly during the Japanese Encephalitis season.  The risk of contracting JE is based on many factors including exact location, activities, time of year and accommodation.  The JE vaccination should always be considered if the travel timetable is unclear or uncertain.  If you are travelling with a low-risk itinerary or for short term travel in urban areas then it may not be necessary to have the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination.  The duration of the protection of the vaccine is unknown so speak to your pharmacist about your travel plans and past vaccinations to make an accurate assessment.

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