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In times of Covid, obtaining a PCR Test is a must if you’re looking to ascertain certain opportunities and a certifiable means to assure your safety.

Touchwood Pharmacy is pleased to offer PCR Tests and Fit to Fly PCR Tests at our Walsall, Camberely, Hanwell, and Northolt locations.

PCR tests are considered the gold standard in Covid Testing and are the base for which Fit to Fly certification is granted.

Unlike other rapid methods of testing, PCR Tests and Fit to Fly PCR Tests are analysed by accredited laboratories and offer signed results by a qualified practitioner.

For a PCR Test in Bromley, PCR Test in Sydenham or PCR Test in Streatham, or for Fit to Fly Tests in London with convenient testing locations in Leighton Buzzard, Staffordshire and Streatham, visit Touchwood Pharmacy today.

We offer a range of appointments to suit for the well-planned traveller, for the executive who requires safety in the workplace and for families in search of rest and relaxation outside of the UK.

Your appointment will be booked with one of our pharmacists with your test conducted by a trained professional who will ensure the testing process is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

If you’re in need of a PCR Test and reside in the area of Leighton Buzzard or Staffordshire, you can book in with ease by contacting the Touchwood Pharmacy location nearest you.

If you’re unsure of which location that may be, you can utilise our store locator function online or direct any other general queries to our contact form which will be responded to by a member of our team.

For a Fit to Fly PCR test in Northampton, Fit to Fly PCR test in Northolt, Fit to Fly PCR test in Bromley or Fit to Fly PCR test in Sydenham, trust Touchwood, and let over 10 years of trading make the difference in your pharmacy experience today.

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