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Allergy Or Intolerance?

Many do not knowthe distinction between allergy and intolerance. For many, it is the same thing. Allergies occur when our bodies treat non-harmful substances as harmful and put up a series of reactions when we introduce the allergic substances often referred to as “allergens” into our bodies. Intolerance, on the other hand, occurs when our bodies cannot tolerate certain food substances.

Food allergy testing is a very common procedure carried out in Northampton, since research has proven that four out of ten people suffer with allergies. Testing for food allergies can be done on all food substances to adequately be informed about what food substances causes what allergy or intolerance for any individual. It could be a skin prick test, blood test, hydrogen breath test, elimination diet or challenge testing.

Many people who are allergic to different food substances do not even know. Research also has it proven that one out of eight people are prone to having allergic reactions do not even know. Private allergy testing can also be done for any individual that wishes to have in-depth information about the category of food substances he/she has allergies or intolerances to.

In Northampton, it has been discovered that people suffer from wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, and coeliac disease. The various tests mostly performed as confirmatory means for the diagnosis of these conditions include; wheat allergy testing, gluten intolerance testing, lactose intolerance testing, and coeliac testing.

These tests are carried out in the hospital or laboratory after a series of assessments and screening. The interpretations of the tests are mostly carried out by qualified healthcare professionals in various hospitals in Northampton. Since allergies and intolerance have no cure, diet modification alongside other intervention are employed in the treatment of people with allergies, to help them live an enjoyable life devoid of frequent allergy attacks.

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