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Chickenpox is a widespread illness.

The causative agent is a virus called Varicella-zoster and most people catch the infection during their childhood. If a person hasn’t had chickenpox as a child, they can still get it as an adult.

Although it’s not usually fatal, chickenpox can be very bothersome as it causes blisters, itchy rashes, and fever. In most cases, the symptoms are usually cleared within 1-2 weeks.

The chickenpox vaccine, available in Northampton offers adequate protection against chickenpox.

The vaccine for chickenpox belongs to a group of vaccines referred to as 'live' vaccines. This means that it contains a small portion of the weakenedvirus which causes chickenpox. This causes your immune system to respond to the

How Does The Vaccine Work?

vaccine. As a result, you’ll be immune to this infection if you come in contact the Varicella-zoster virus at a later stage.

The vaccine does not protect against related viruses, such as the herpes virus. It also doesn’t protect you against shingles. To prevent shingles, you need to get a shingles vaccination. Chickenpox vaccination can cause mild side effects like fever or fatigue.

For chickenpox vaccination, you receive two doses to stay protected. The second vaccine should be administered at least 4 but no later than 8 weeks after you have received your first vaccine.

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