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The human papillomavirus vaccine or popularly known as HPV vaccine protects against the infection caused by several strains of HPV.

Human papillomavirus is the leading cause of genital warts and cervical cancer in adults.

HPV has also been associated with other kinds of cancers, such as vaginal, penile, vulvar, mouth, anal and throat cancers. HPV is spread most commonly through sexual contact. Many types of HPV don't cause serious problems, although several types of HPV can lead to cervical cancer, genital warts and many other health issues.

The two HPV vaccines are
  • HPV 4 (Gardasil)
  • HPV 9 (Gardasil-9)
Both vaccines protect against the varieties of HPV which usually cause cervical cancer. Other, less prevalent types of HPV may also cause cervical cancer in rare cases. These vaccines do not treat cervical cancer.

Who Should Get This Vaccine?

Either Gardasil or Gardasil-9 is advised for girls aged 12 and 13years old.The
HPV vaccination in Northampton is also recommended for individuals up to 26 years old who haven’t already received the vaccine or finished the series of shots. The HPV vaccine in Northampton can offer excellent protection against HPV-based cancers in any age group. Certain individuals who may have new sexual partnersin the near future may be exposed to HPV,should also consider getting vaccinated.

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