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Take Care of All the Red Flags before You Travel

For anyone who lives in the UK, there are many diseases and health issues completely unheard of because of the healthy and hygienic environment. While UK is not home to diseases such as Yellow fever, Northampton residents might catch the dangerous infections during their time in foreign countries especially in Africa and areas that lack proper healthcare and hygiene. Touchwood Pharmacy’s travel clinic is based on the understanding of these dangers and our mission is to help you take preventive measures before you start your trip. In order to understand the importance of our Northampton travel clinic, you must be aware of the common diseases you can catch in foreign land and how they can impact your life.

What Northampton Residents Need to Know About Yellow Fever Vaccines?

As rare as this particular disease is in the UK and Northampton, yellow fever affects more than 200,000 people all around the world. Nearly 30,000 deaths per year are recorded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) due to yellow fever. Most developed countries like the UK are free of yellow fever, but people from these countries are highly likely to catch it when visiting underdeveloped countries such as Africa and South America. This is largely due to the lack of hygienic conditions and preventive measures, such as insecticides.

Yellow fever is  caused and spread through a particular type of mosquito Aedes aegypti. This mosquito carries the virus from one patient and transfers it to another through its bite. While the initial symptoms may not seem too worrisome, the virus can quickly take a bad turn. The patient initially feels headache, nausea, mild fever, and muscle pain. The term yellow is used because yellowing of whites of the eye and pale yellow skin are both among the most reported symptoms of this disease.

One thing that travellers from Northampton must know about yellow fever is that there is no particular treatment of the disease, hence it is one of the reasons behind the high fatality rate. Also, that is exactly why prevention is the best cure.

Yellow Fever Vaccination at Touchwood Travel Clinic Northampton

Touchwood Pharmacy’s travel clinic in Northampton is where we specialise in providing vaccinations for diseases that commonly pose a threat to travellers. While we have a whole range of vaccines, including hepatitis and rabies, yellow fever vaccination is one of the most important ones recommended to anyone travelling to Asia, Africa, or South America.

Our consultants are highly qualified accredited pharmacists who can help you identify potential risks and suggest appropriate measures to ensure safety of you and your family. Our travel clinic is located at the heart of Northampton in Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre with plenty of parking space.

You can come over without an appointment but we highly recommend that you give us a call prior to your arrival so that we can ensure we have all the required vaccines and a qualified professional available on site.

To get assistance and required medication for Yellow Fever, you can also contact our Travel clinic facilities based in Streatham and Northolt.

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