Eps Nomination

We are now in a position to accept nominations from our NHS customers for the pharmacy to receive prescriptions electronically from your GP surgery.

What is EPS?
EPS is a new service commencing late 2011 that will allow patients to nominate a pharmacy to receive their prescriptions electronically.

What does this mean to me?
With your GP being able to send prescriptions electronically (hence the phrase ‘electronic transfer of prescriptions) you will no longer have to go to the surgery and queue to collect your prescription. Your pharmacist will be able to download your prescription electronically via a secure NHS network.

Why should I nominate this pharmacy?
We carry a large stock of pharmacy medicines in this area and so most items will be available IMMEDIATELY.
We operate a free prescription ordering and/or delivery service.
If there is a problem/query with your prescription it will be resolved quickly
Our computer systems are maintained to a high standard and are secure and up-to-date.

Can I change the pharmacy I nominate?
Yes, anytime, just ask the pharmacists or email headoffice@touchwoodpharmacy.com.

Can my GP/Nurse/Practice staff nominate a pharmacy?
No this would be unprofessional.

How do I nominate Touchwood Pharmacy?
Just open, print and complete the EPS consent form on the below this page and hand in at the pharmacy or post the form to the pharmacist at the address below.

Touchwood Pharmacy
4 Progress Business Centre

Alternatively, please register for our online prescription service and we can register you for electronic prescriptions