Five uses of Botox that you didn’t know

Botox is a well known treatment for countering wrinkles and frown lines. In fact, it’s one of the most preferred anti - wrinkle treatment available. However, it’s now transforming into something much more. Read on to know -


1. Migraine Relief

Migraines are the most disrupting form of headaches. They not only are difficult to deal with but also it knows no permanent cure. They are accompanied by a number of undesirable symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, and even vomiting.

Botox injections are known to prevent painful episodes of migraine by the transmission of pain signals to the nerve endings. The injections are administered in different areas located around the head and upper part of neck. This application of Botox is relatively new however, it is becoming a more widely accepted and applied procedure.


2. Sweat Reduction

Botox injections have been used to manage excessive underarm perspiring since few years now. It is known to relieve all sorts of sweating, including underarm, hands, and feet perspiration. The procedure is effective to block the release of the chemical responsible for activating the sweat glands. The procedure involves placing a very fine needle under the skin into the sweat glands. Many patients admit it to be an effective treatment but admit that it can be very uncomfortable.


3. Hair Growth

Hairfall or thinning of hair is one of the most discussed problems worldwide. The psychological effects of losing one’s hair can be profound, luckily there are a variety of treatments available in the market today, including Botox. This treatment guarantees to effectively stimulate the growth of new hair, which is completely different than most current hair loss treatments.


4. Breast Enhancement

A perkier bosom is the most desired dream but it seemed impossible to achieve without undergoing surgery, thanks to Botox, the dream is within your reach. The treatment intends to give a fuller appearance to breasts instead of just increasing the size. The botox shot is administered in the pectoralis minor muscle just beneath the pecs. Post treatment the muscle will not do its job and the opposite muscle pulls the shoulder back to give a natural lift.


5. Smile Modification

The perfect pout is one of the most envied features by most people but only a few have it naturally. Thanks to Botox, the dream is now within your reach. Within few injections you can have the most perfect pout to flaunt.


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