Four tips to tighten loose sagging skin

Wrinkles and fine lines are an indication of the natural ageing process. As we grow older every day, the signs of ageing become more prominent and visible. Also, factors like overexposure to the sun, imbalanced diet, excessive smoking, and rapid weight loss can accelerate the ageing process. The signs can be visibly noticed around the neck, the eyes, the mouth and cheeks, and cannot be fully reversed unless you opt for a cosmetic surgery. However, you can develop habits that can decrease the pace of ageing. Here are few tips on how to reduce the appearance of loose skin.


1. Drink plenty of water - An old school thought, but very effective. Hydration is known to make the skin more plump and healthier, thus, boosting your water reserves in the body can help you look flawless and wrinkle-free!


2. Consider facial exercises - The facial skin can be tightened by strengthening the facial muscles under the skin. They are just like any other muscles in your body that can be trained and toned by exercises. There are different types of exercises for each area of your face and they basically involve pulling exaggerated facial expressions.


3. Use firming creams: Pharmacies and drug stores are flooded with options for skin firming creams. Most of the formulations are a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients targeting fine lines and wrinkles giving you more firm skin. Try Clarins Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream suitable for "All Skin Types". It involves a special plant complex with extracts of organic Bocoa, Green Banana, Lemon Thyme and Oat Sugars that works to rebuild the crucial bond between collagen, elastin and cells in order to restore the skin’s youthful qualities. 


4. Get the endorphin rush: Working out regularly or doing any form of exercise (yoga, pilates or zumba) is known to reverse the signs of ageing naturally making you look younger. A dedicated exercise regimen (especially that includes strength training) can significantly erase fine lines and wrinkles giving you a naturally firm skin. Also, due to increased circulation post workout, the skin is rewarded by a pink flush and makes you look naturally glowing.

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