Importance of travel vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are an essential part of the gap year and travel planning process, yet every single day thousands of travellers ignore the advice of qualified professionals and don’t get them. But why? Are they that important?


The short answer to that is yes. And here’s why.


When you travel to a new place, apart from the ambience and the food, there’s something more ‘new’ in the store waiting for you - the organisms. Every place has its flora and fauna that is characteristic of any place. When you enter a new environment, the exposure to new organisms (that your body never developed immunity to) can attack you more frequently and make you sick. And of course, you don’t want to end up falling sick and ruining the upcoming adventure. This necessitates taking vaccines before you fly.


Routine immunisations are instrumental for keeping children, families, and communities healthy in all countries and in preventing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases through global travel. It can help in improving vaccination rates around the world and increase the chances of eradicating life-threatening contagious diseases.


Who provides such travel vaccinations?

You can visit Travel clinic services provided by many reputed pharmacies like Touchwood Pharmacy. If you stay in or around Northampton or Sydenham, you can visit your nearest Travel Clinic facility. Visit here for more details

 Travel vaccination clinic

What is the procedure?

A visit to your nearest Travel vaccination clinic will determine what vaccinations and boosters you may need before travel. The clinician will look at your medical history to have a better judgement of what you will need specifically. They will consider the following:

- Your Age

- Health

- Previous Vaccinations

- Previous Booster Shots

- Travel Destination

- The time of year you are travelling


All of these elements help determine whether you need certain vaccinations more than others. A few examples of vaccinations you may be required to get before travelling are:

- Japanese Encephalitis

- Rabies

- Typhoid Fever


Another disease that you need to worry about is malaria. However, there is no vaccination for malaria. The clinician will prescribe prophylactic antimalarial medication if you travel to a country where malaria is a common disease.

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