Things you must know before going under botox treatment

Botox is a God sent miracle to erase the years away from your beautiful face. Of course, if you’re reading this, then your arch nemesis has just got a botox shot done and is looking way more beautiful (OOPS!!!) or maybe your best friend has just recommended it…

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Importance of travel vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are an essential part of the gap year and travel planning process, yet every single day thousands of travellers ignore the advice of qualified professionals and don’t get them. But why? Are they that important?

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Why is visiting travel clinic necessary?

When you travel from one place to another on a regular basis, it is important to take necessary precaution to ensure you remain healthy. The stable state of the body is a precondition for a successful trip because you cannot a do anything anywhere when unwell.

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Top Botox myths debunked!

If you’ve been considering getting Botox injections for quite some time, you’ve probably heard about these types of whisperings from concerned friends and family. While their intentions are pure and of genuine concern, these rumors or whispers are purely misconceptions born out of misinformation or negative anecdotal experiences from individuals who had cheap Botox treatments.

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Tips for a flawless look

Before you sweep on that gorgeous cat eye and blot the statement colour onto your lips, you have to prep your face. While it’s not the most exciting part of your pampering routine, applying your base makeup is the best way to smooth out blemishes and even out your overall appearance so that your face is fully primed for the fun stuff — in other words, it’s necessary.

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Five Botox applications you didn’t know

Botox is originally known to reduce wrinkles however, it has a lot of other beneficial uses. Read on to find out:

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Why are travel vaccinations important?

Travelling abroad can be one of the best experiences we can ever have. Packing bags, checking on the best places to eat, tourist attractions and the best hotels available and the list goes on… However, there is one important item on our travel to-do list that most of us fail to check on… And that’s travelling vaccination!

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