Why are care homes preferred?

Why is it more difficult to leave home for seniors and move to an assisted facility to receive care??? The answer is pretty simple. There are various reasons why care home is a better option than just staying at home and receiving care. Let’s explore them…


1. Calm and peace: After moving to a care home, the elderly people needn’t worry about the daily chores that were a part of their routine at home. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of the home is no longer necessary. It leaves the seniors without the worry of having to complete those chores or get help from family to do so. 


2. Division of responsibilities: When someone in the family is ill, it affects the quality of life of every member in the home. Giving medications on time and always being available becomes impractical in most of the times. In such cases, care homes are a great option since they share the load! This gives family members and close ones and opportunity to look after themselves and finish their daily responsibilities. Family and friends are then able to visit in a leisurely way and seniors no longer have the worry of being a burden or asking too much.


3. Support to improve health: There are a lot of fitness options available at care homes. Most of them now provide a well functioning fitness regimen for seniors. Yoga classes, swimming and gyms are available for those who want to improve strength or improve cardiovascular health. This not only helps seniors to maintain their health but also improve their existing fitness levels which might not always be possible in a home.


4. Safety and security: It is true that a home environment is more comforting mentally however; there can be times when a caretaker at home fails to immediately fulfill

A shortage of medications or cannot manage to arrange some equipment...such circumstances can sometimes create complications or be life threatening.

On the other hand, care homes are supported by reputed pharmacies like Touchwood Pharmacy that keep care homes well equipped with medicines and all other requirements needed to create a safe and a nurturing environment.

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