Things you must know before going under botox treatment

Botox is a God sent miracle to erase the years away from your beautiful face. Of course, if you’re reading this, then your arch nemesis has just got a botox shot done and is looking way more beautiful (OOPS!!!) or maybe your best friend has just recommended it… however, there are a lot of things you must need to know about botox before just leaping into this anti wrinkle treatment bandwagon… Read on to know things you must know before going under botox treatment:


1. Know the exact quantity: Many people do not enquire about the botox units they would need and end up getting more units injected thus giving them a ‘frozen look’. The requirements for Botox units varies from one person to another and you might need lesser than your best friend who recently got the perfect job done with exact 4 units. Do not be in a hurry. Sit back and decide.


2. Worried about budget? DON’T!!!: The discount coupons available on Groupon could be tempting but this practice has lead to a lot of botched botox jobs. If you run behind cutting the costs, then you might end up getting a bad job done. Always check for a reputable provider for Botox/ Anti-wrinkle treatments. If you stay in or around Dulwich or anywhere in South east London, then Touchwood pharmacy is a great choice for you.


3. Pick the right guy...ALWAYS!!!: You must be tempted to try the botox offer that your dentist just gave you...well, you mustn’t! You should always prefer a certified plastic surgeon over any dentist or general practitioner who has recently started giving Botox shots… Plastic surgeons guarantee a perfect job done based on the number of years they have been practising so it’s safer to choose them.


4. Thinking of Botox as treatment in your thirties: That’s a big no! Botox is now looked upon as a preventative measure not corrective. There is no ideal age for Botox. It all depends on your facial expressions, the type of skin and of course your decision. More and more people are choosing Botox in their early 20’s to preserve their youthful look.

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