Top Botox myths debunked!

If you’ve been considering getting Botox injections for quite some time, you’ve probably heard about these types of whisperings from concerned friends and family. While their intentions are pure and of genuine concern, these rumors or whispers are purely misconceptions born out of misinformation or negative anecdotal experiences from individuals who had cheap Botox treatments.


The truth is, Botox is generally safe and effective at treating or improving the facial signs of aging.


This blog intends to remove the famous myths associated to Botox treatment. Some of the common myths are as under:


1. Permanent removal of wrinkles

The neurotoxin ‘Botox’ is known to delay the signs of ageing, not to remove them completely. Yes, it does remove facial lines for some time, obviously not forever.


2. Botox is a treatment for Older Women

Botox is now treated as a preventive measure for anti-ageing. This means younger women now choose botox in their late twenties to keep that youthful look intact. A qualified plastic surgeon may recommend to anyone above 18 years if there is a need to do so.

Not only women men also benefit from the botox treatment.


3. Potions and Anti-ageing cream are an alternative

Honestly, nothing is as effective as the Botox treatment. With the right technique, it can leave your face glowing with youth. However, the potions and creams only act on the outer layer of the skin. They cannot sleep in and reach the deep layers so they are simply unable to act on the wrinkles.


4.  Botox is unsafe

The most common myth related to Botox is that botox is dangerous. There is simply no truth in the statement. Instead botox is very useful in the treatment of many medical ailments like headaches, back pain cerebral palsy, etc. You need to get the botox treatment done from a trained and qualified surgeon or cosmetologists to avoid any botox side effects. If you stay in and around Dulwich or Forest hill in South east London (SE23), Botox treatments available at Touchwood pharmacy is your best option.


5. Botox Is Toxic

Botox is obtained from botulinum, a toxin. But before using it, botox undergoes a lot of refining processes. Apart from this the concentration of botox in a vial is very low. Your surgeon knows the small doses that are needed to do the procedure.

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