NHS Service

Touchwood Pharmacy has been trading for over 10 years.
We have branches located throughout Southern England.​

At Touchwood Pharmacy we specialise in all aspects of prescription medication. Many of our competitors target counter sales such as perfumes however we focus solely on the efficient supply of prescription medicines.

We have a simple philosophy, to ensure a smooth and timely supply of medicines from your GP to your home.

We can collect and deliver your prescription from any Surgery local to our branches or alternatively if your surgery is EPS ready we can access your prescription from any Surgery nationwide and organise delivery to your door.

Touchwood Pharmacy also specialises in supply of medicines to Care Homes. We supply homes throughout Southern England. Our service supply is bespoke and is designed to work alongside CQC regulatory requirements.

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Online Orders Are Fulfilled By:

Touchwood Pharmacy
13 Kingsthorpe Centre,
Harborough Road,
Northampton NN27BD

Owner of the Business : X-Pharm Ltd

Superintendent Pharmacist : Gurdev Sehmi

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If you would like to make a complaint, please email headoffice@touchwoodpharmacy.com