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There are so many things that we tend to take for granted until we experience their shortage or absence. If you live in Northolt or any of the urban areas in a developed country like the UK, the hygienic living conditions, higher health standards, and clean water are just few of the things you may have been taking for granted. However, when you travel abroad to a country that lacks such privileges, that is when you realise how important those things are, mainly due to the diseases caused by the lack of hygiene and cleanliness.
Travel Clinic Northolt - Touchwood Pharmacy
Travel Clinic Northolt - Touchwood Pharmacy

It is for this reason we recommend you visit our Northolt Travel Clinic before your flight abroad.

Travel Clinic Northolt
With complete understanding of the risks that are common for people travelling from the UK to countries in Africa, South America, and even Asia, Touchwood Pharmacy’s Northolt travel clinic is fully equipped with the facilities, staff, and vaccines that are important for travellers. Also known as travel vaccines, they offer complete protection against some of the common health risks and infections travellers are prone to. These risks include highly dangerous and sometimes fatal diseases, such as malaria, cholera, hepatitis, and yellow fever.

A Trip To Touchwood Pharmacy’ Northolt Travel Clinic To Eliminate All Risks
These diseases, uncommon in the developed world, are prevalent in regions, such as African and South American countries because of unclean water and environment. Most of these viruses spread from person to person via mosquito bites.

A Trip To Touchwood Pharmacy’ Northolt Travel Clinic To Eliminate All Risks

Another more important thing travellers need to realise and understand about such health risks is that most of these diseases do not have a proper cure or treatment.

Even if they do, it requires immediate treatment which you are highly unlikely to receive during your time in those countries. Since diseases such as yellow fever are not common and do not have any effective treatment anywhere in the world, the chances of an infected patient recovering even in their own native countries are very low.

That is precisely why prevention is the only way to safeguard yourself and your family. Once you have received your travel vaccinations, you will remain immune to such infections and viruses despite mosquito bites.

Why Touchwood Travel Clinic?

At Touchwood, we are on a mission to promote awareness regarding travel vaccines, and we want each and every traveller to take precautions necessary to keep Northolt healthy and free of risks.

That is why we have kept our prices highly competitive while offering the convenience of getting your vaccinations without any prior appointment.

Moreover, we have a huge staff of qualified and accredited professionals who not only assist in vaccinations but also help you identify risks based on the country you are visiting. You can always choose to talk to them on phone prior to your visit to our travel clinic in Northolt.

Our Travel Clinic services are also available in the south east England in areas like Bagshot and in Sunninghill, Berkshire.

Call us today to book an appointment with one of our vaccine specialists.