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Touchwood Travel clinic services - making the world safer for you!

Vacations are always special! The ambience, the food, the memories and the entire trip is worth every penny that you spend.

However, have you wondered if that trip made you sick and locked you in the four walls of your hotel bedroom? It’s a nightmare, isn’t it???.

Travel Clinic Ramsgate - Touchwood Pharmacy
Travel Clinic Ramsgate - Touchwood Pharmacy

To put all your sickness worries away, we’re here to provide you with our extremely advanced travel clinic services.

Our travel clinic based in Ramsgate is an easy to access facility where you can get all the necessary travel vaccination and medication as well as complete consultation from professional and accredited vaccine specialists.. Travel Clinic Ramsgate We highly recommended that you be immunised before travelling to any exotic place where health and hygiene standards are not up to mark..

A large number of diseases unheard of are present in developed countries due to their standards of cleanliness and lack of hygiene? Underdeveloped nations, specifically around Asia, Africa, and South America,unfortunately lack such standards, and hence, there are many viral infections more common in those areas than in your hometown..

Such infections, such as yellow fever, diarrhoea, and cholera are caused by unclean water, unhygienic food, and abundance of insects that carry those viruses from one person to another. Hundreds of travellers from the UK

Why Must You Visit Us?

come back infected with a certain virus every year. Some of these viruses, such as yellow fever, cause thousands of deaths every year and have no cure whatsoever.

Since your safety and wellbeing is our first priority, we have kept our standards high and prices low.

You can choose to drop by our travel clinic in Ramsgate without an appointment but a prior phone call will help us make sure all the required vaccines are available along with a qualified vaccine professional to assist and serve you.

We also provide Travel Clinic services in the areas of East Kent, CT 11, CT 12 and Margate. Contact us for more details.

Call us today to book an appointment with one of our vaccine specialists.