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Are you planning a huge family vacation, a dream honeymoon, or packing up for a solo trip for the sake of business or adventure? Have you considered a visit to our travel clinic in Streatham? If your answer to the latter is anything but affirmative, you may be putting yourself at a potential risk. Before we tell you what makes us one of the most trusted travel clinics in Streatham, let us start with what you should really know about the risks of travelling.
Travel Clinic Streatham - Touchwood Pharmacy
Travel Clinic Streatham - Touchwood Pharmacy

While travelling to exotic places and experiencing colourful cultures and natural beauty may sound like a wonderful idea, there are many innate risks that lurk in such places largely due to the difference that make these places attractive to people in the developed countries.

Travel Clinic Streatham
There are hundreds of travel destinations around Asia, Africa, and South America, where you can find an abundance of attractions, but also of health risks due to unhygienic, water, food, and living conditions. Your accommodation may seem like a fine place, but most tourist attraction spots are infested with the risks in some form of another.

That is why every year hundreds and thousands of UK travellers return to their countries carrying lethal viruses that rarely have any cure. These include cholera, malaria, hepatitis, and even diseases like yellow fever, Streatham residents may not be well aware of.

Such viruses not only puts the infected traveller at risk, but they also transmit easily to people around them. This may explain the cause behind some of the known virus outbreaks in recent years, and that is why it has become even more important to pay a visit to a travel clinic before stepping out of Streatham.

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