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At Touchwood Pharmacy, we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. However, we understand that there may be times when you may not be completely satisfied with our services. We value your feedback and take all complaints seriously, as they help us identify areas for improvement and enhance our customer experience. This document outlines our complaints procedure and the steps you can take to express your concerns.

1. How to raise a complaint:

  1. In person: If you are at our pharmacy, please ask to speak to the pharmacist on duty, who will be happy to assist you. They will listen to your concerns and aim to resolve the issue promptly.

  2. Phone: You can call us at 0844 561 7967 during our business hours to discuss your complaint with one of our team members. They will provide you with guidance on how to proceed.

  3. Email: If you prefer to communicate via email, you can send your complaint to complaints@touchwoodpharmacy.com. Please provide as much detail as possible, including your contact information, so that we can respond appropriately.

2. Acknowledging your complaint:

Upon receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge it within 2-3 working days. If you have contacted us in person or via phone, we will provide immediate assistance. If you have emailed us, we will send you an acknowledgment email confirming that we have received your complaint.

3. Investigation and resolution:

  1. Gathering information: To address your complaint effectively, we may need to gather additional information. We will aim to understand the circumstances surrounding your concern fully. If required, we may ask you to provide additional details or evidence related to the issue.

  2. Timelines: We will strive to investigate and resolve your complaint within 2-3 Weeks. However, some complex issues may require additional time. In such cases, we will keep you informed about the progress and provide updates on the expected resolution timeframe.

  3. Communication: Throughout the process, we will maintain open lines of communication. We will provide you with updates on the progress of your complaint, either by phone, email, or in person, depending on your preferred method of contact.

  4. Resolution: Once we have thoroughly investigated your complaint, we will propose a suitable resolution. This could include an apology, corrective action, or any other reasonable measure to address your concerns. We will discuss the resolution with you and seek your agreement before proceeding.

4. Escalation:

  1. If you are not satisfied with the proposed resolution or the handling of your complaint, you can request to escalate the matter. In such cases, your complaint will be reviewed by a senior member of our team who was not involved in the initial investigation.

  2. You can also escalate your complaint to the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the regulatory body for pharmacies in the UK. They can be contacted at:

    General Pharmaceutical Council
    25 Canada Square
    E14 5LQ
    Website: www.pharmacyregulation.org

5. Learning and improvement:

At Touchwood Pharmacy, we view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve our services. We will analyse and review each complaint to identify any underlying issues or trends. This analysis helps us implement measures to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

We appreciate your feedback and the time taken to raise your concerns. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are committed to addressing any issues that may arise promptly and professionally. Thank you for choosing Touchwood Pharmacy.

Please note that this document serves as a general guide to our complaints procedure and may be subject to change.

Gurdev Sehmi

Superintendent Pharmacist
Registration Number: 1035466

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