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Food, Allergies, And Intolerance.

Food substances are the necessary ingredients eaten by us for survival. They are known to contain the essential substances needed for bodily growth and development and overall proper functioning of body parts. We know there’s no form of survival in the absence of food. In Bromley, people suffer from “allergies” which occur as a result of the body’s immune response to certain foods. When the body treats a non-harmful food substance as harmful, this is referred to as an allergy and the food substance “allergen”. Food allergies and intolerance are not the same conditions. Intolerance can be described as a range of reactions that might cause serious upset to your digestive tract or skin. Both present with a wide range of symptoms.

Allergy testing involves various tests carried out in the hospitals or laboratory to ascertain the substances that your body considers harmful. Food allergy testing is a specific kind of testing procedure designed to investigate the particular kind of food substances you are allergic too. It is a common procedure which has proven to be life-saving for residents in Bromley. When testing for food allergies, blood samples can be collected from the earlobes or fingertips and added to a test solution. The results are then analyzed by healthcare professionals.

Coeliac disease is a common bowel disease triggered by gluten in susceptible individuals. Gluten is a major constituent of wheat and some other foods;intolerance to gluten can also be referred to as wheat intolerance; coeliac testing which is also known as gluten intolerance testing is often conducted to find out its positivity in an individual, who after the diagnoses from a general practitioner, is treated accordingly.

Wheat allergy occurs when an individual develops an allergic reaction to wheat-which contains many constituents. Lactose intolerance occurs when the body cannot digest lactose-which is a natural sugar found in milk. Lactose intolerance test is often performed in different healthcare facilities in Bromley since it is known to be one of the most frequent causes of reactions people present within the United Kingdom experience.

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