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Food allergies are on the rise in the UK,

Food allergies are on the rise in the UK, and at Touchwood Pharmacy in Camberley we understand the importance of getting a definitive diagnosis with formal allergy testing. We offer affordable food allergy testing appointments, priced at just £149, and are based within your local pharmacy for unbeatable convenience. Our appointments can be booked online, making it even easier to get advice regarding food allergies.
Allergy testing at Touchwood pharmacy

Food Allergies

In the UK, many of us will either know someone with a food allergy or have an allergy ourselves. An allergy is the body’s immune response to non-harmful proteins, or allergens, within foods. Although these proteins will not cause us harm, in an allergic response the body releases histamine leaving us with symptoms ranging from a rash to life-threatening swelling of the airways. Knowing about a food allergy is helpful in avoiding foods that contain the specific allergen, so that unpleasant or dangerous responses to the allergen can be avoided. With a serious allergy, it is important to have the correct emergency medication prescribed and available before medical help arrives.

Food Allergy Testing Camberley

At Touchwood Pharmacy, we are pleased to offer local allergy testing to anyone worried about food allergies. We are able to offer allergy testing for the forty most common food allergens, giving you peace of mind that you can request testing for almost any food allergen you are worried about. At your appointment, an experienced pharmacist will discuss your concerns with you, and suggest appropriate food allergy testing which could include elimination diets, patch testing or a quick finger-prick blood test. Our appointments can be booked online in just a few clicks, and are held within the convenience of your local Camberley pharmacy. There’s never been a better time to book a food allergy testing appointment.

Food Allergy Testing Results And Treatment

Once the results of your tests are back, an experienced pharmacist will discuss your results with you. With your consent, results can be shared with you GP who may wish to prescribe appropriate medications based on your confirmed allergy. The medication could vary from an antihistamine to emergency adrenaline. Our pharmacists can provide advice on dietary modification, and if an allergy is confirmed, you will leave feeling confident in knowing which foods you can safely eat without suffering an allergic reaction.

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