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What Is An Allergy?

An allergy occurs when an individual experiences a severe and almost immediate reaction to food with various symptoms which could be difficulty in breathing, rashes, swelling, running nose, or more seriously-anaphylactic shock which can leadto comas. An individual is said to have an allergy when the body reacts to food substances that are normally not harmful. Any substance known to trigger an allergic reaction can be referred to as an allergen. Some individuals experience wheat allergies which occurs when an individual is allergic to wheat itself. In Ramsgate, there are many people that experience reactions to food substances but sometimes, such individuals might not be able to distinguish allergies from intolerance.

Intolerance is characterized by delayed response as opposed to immediate response in allergic reactions. Intolerance might be experienced in a few hours or a week. A person can also be intolerant to multiple foods and experience several symptoms such as bloating, constipation, eczema, sinusitis, rashes, fatigue or irritable bowel syndrome.

Testing procedures in Ramsgate are in pace to help general practitioners in the diagnosis of allergies and intolerances. Food intolerance test helps in the identification of various key allergens. Also, testing for food allergies serves the same purpose but channels its own energy in the identification of “allergens” that causes allergic reactions. People also sign up for private allergy testing which involves thorough screening to identify the substances such individual is allergic to or not tolerant of. The various intolerance tests carried out in different laboratories and hospital in Ramsgate include; lactose intolerance test, gluten intolerance test or coeliac testing- which involve hygienic blood collection form the lobe of the ear or from skin prick. The results of these tests help in an accurate diagnosis of allergies and are completed by the general practitioners. Allergies and intolerance have no known cure, but through research, there are various diet modifications available to ease living.

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