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What You Need To Know About Allergies In Streatham.

Frequent sufferers of intolerances and few sufferers of allergies reside in Streatham, United Kingdom. Although both conditions are different, they may present with similar characteristics requiring various confirmatory tests to ascertain the presence of any kind of allergies-which occur when our immune system attacks non-harmful food substances which have been ingested.

Allergies are known to occur a few minutes or hours after the consumption of the “allergen” which is a term used to describe the trigger substance for allergic reactions. The various forms of food allergies and intolerances found in this part of the world include; wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, and lactose intolerance. An allergy occurs when an individual has an allergic reaction to wheat, which is made up of different proteins.

Allergy testing is often performed in laboratories and by general practitioners to ascertain the various allergens and distinguish them from intolerance in sufferers. Food allergy testing which is specific to food is not an abstract procedure in Streatham and is usually done as a form of private allergy testing.

Various means of testing for food allergies are employed in Streatham, one of which includes blood testing which requires a hygienic blood sample from the earlobe or finger, for proper testing and diagnosis.

Gluten intolerance test which is also known as coeliac testing is done when an individual is suspected to have gluten intolerance; gluten is one of the proteins that constitute wheat used in the production of many food substances.

Lactose intolerance testing is performed when it is suspected that an individual’s digestive system lacks the ability to properly digest “lactose” which is a natural sugar found in milk and other dairy products, through insufficient production of the enzyme “lactase”. This is a very common condition in adults which can present with various unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea among others. Proper lifestyle and diet modifications have been known to effectively help people with allergies.

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