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At Touchwood Pharmacy, we understand the importance of reliable, convenient food allergy testing. With food allergies on the rise in the UK, prompt diagnosis allows you to live life free of worry, whether cooking at home or eating at your favourite restaurant. We offer a range of convenient appointment times that you can book online, and charge just £149 for an allergy testing clinic appointment.
Allergy testing at Touchwood pharmacy

Food Allergies

Food allergies occur as a result of the body mounting an immune response to a protein, or allergen, contained within a particular food. Although the allergen will not harm you, the body sees it as a threat and reacts against it by releasing histamine. If you eat something that your body reacts to, your symptoms might range from hives to life threatening breathing difficulties. Common allergens include peanuts, shellfish, cow’s milk and gluten. We offer food allergy testing for over forty common food allergens, providing reassurance that we can confirm or reassure you about any food allergies you may be concerned about.

Food Allergy Testing Sydenham

From our local pharmacy, we can offer a range of investigations for allergy testing. At your appointment, a qualified pharmacist will meet with you to discuss your concerns and symptoms. We can offer advice on elimination diets, or it may be deemed necessary to offer allergy testing via a patch test, skin prick test or allergy blood test. Our blood tests are quick and less invasive than a normal blood test, with a small sample of blood being taken from the fingertip or earlobe.

Food Allergy Treatments

If an allergy is identified through one of our investigations, our pharmacist can discuss the implications with you. Eliminating the allergen from your diet is the best way to avoid an allergic reaction, and you will be offered advice on suitable dietary changes. If treatment is required, this will be discussed in collaboration with your GP, and food allergy treatments may include an anti-histamine, or emergency medication for the most severe allergies.

Once you have had a food allergy confirmed with allergy testing, you will have the knowledge and confidence to manage your diet to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Book now for your appointment at our Sydenham branch, and get the confirmation you need to enjoy food with confidence once more.

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