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Commonly known as chickenpox, the varicella virus is highly common in childhood.

It is usually mild, but can be severe in some cases, especially in young infants as well as adults with low immune systems. The common symptoms of chickenpox are rashes, itching, fatigue and fever. In rare cases, it may lead to critical skin infection, permanent scars, brain damage, pneumonia, or even death.

Chickenpox is very contagious and can be spread through the air by coughing or sneezing, this is why thevaccine is important. Chickenpox vaccinations are available in Ramsgate and areas surrounding Kent. The virus is mainly spread by coming into contact with fluid from the blisters. A person who has had chickenpox may also get painful and burning rashes called shingles years later.

Chickenpox vaccine can prevent chances of future infection. Most people who receive the vaccine will not get infected.However, if an individual has been vaccinated does get chickenpox, it is usually quite mild. They will have fewer blisters and less likely to have a mild fever,they should usually recover quickly.

Who Should Get Chickenpox Vaccine And When?

Children and adults who never had chickenpox should get two doses of chickenpox vaccine at these ages:

  • 1st Dose: 12–15 months
  • 2nd Dose: 4–6 years of age

What Are The Benefits Of The Chickenpox Vaccine?

The chickenpox vaccination in Kent is an excellent way to protect yourself against chickenpox and its related complications. When you get your child immunised, you help protect others too.

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