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Chickenpox is one of the most common and highly contagious infections caused by the varicella-zoster virus.

It usually causes fever at first, and a rash with itchy, inflamed pimples which soon turn into skin blisters. These blisters then crust over to form scabs. Vaccines for chickenpox can prevent infection.

It affects babies and children more than adults. The infection causes itchy and irritating rashes, leaving scars, and can sometimes causes serious diseases. Adults may suffer from more critical symptoms such as pneumonia. For people with compromised immunity, chickenpox can be fatal. In many countries, the vaccine is administered routinely. The major objective behind using the chickenpox vaccine broadly is to protect the vulnerable populations withlow immune systems..Vaccine for chickenpox is available at Sydenham, South East London.

Chickenpox is spread by physical contact or inhaling droplets spreadby individuals infected with the virus. People infected with chickenpox become contagious about 2 days before the occurrence of the rash, which can make it challenging to avoid becoming infected.

What Does Chickenpox Vaccine Do?

Chickenpox vaccine contains a small dose of the live, but weakened virus that stimulates immunity to the varicella-zoster virus and protects against chickenpox.

Chickenpox Vaccine At South London

Our Touchwood Pharmacy offers a private service for chickenpox vaccination. Our chickenpox vaccine service at Sydenham is provided by proficient physicians and nurses, who have extensive experiences in vaccinating children.

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