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How does the hepatitis A + typhoid vaccine work, and why should I consider it before my upcoming journey?

Our hepatitis A + typhoid vaccine contains components of both the hepatitis A virus and the Salmonella Typhi bacterium. When administered, it triggers your immune system to produce antibodies against these pathogens. By getting vaccinated at Touchwood Pharmacy’s Travel Clinic in Odiham, you prepare your body to effectively combat these diseases if you encounter them while traveling.

How is the hepatitis A + typhoid vaccine administered at Touchwood Pharmacy's Travel Clinic?

The vaccine is typically administered as an injection, and the number of doses and the vaccination schedule may vary depending on the specific product used. Our experienced healthcare providers will ensure you receive the appropriate dosage and schedule tailored to your travel plans. Speak to our pharmacists in Odiham for more information about your travel vaccination needs. 

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