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What is the hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that mainly affects the liver. The effects of Hepatitis B can be significant and lead to both short- and long-term liver disease. The severity of the infection can range from a mild illness to a chronic condition that significantly impacts the liver’s ability to function and causes overall ill-health. It is transmitted by exposure to infected body fluids and international travellers are warned to take preventive measures, including Hepatitis B vaccination, to minimize the risks associated with Hepatitis B.

Can children receive the hepatitis B vaccine?

Since the 1st of August 2017, babies have received the  Hepatits B vaccine as part of the routine NHS schedule of childhood vaccinations. For older children and adults, eligibility has varied and depended on various risk factors. If you are unsure of you or your child’s vaccination status, then speak to your GP surgery who should have a record of all previous vaccinations. Eligible children needing to be vaccinated before travel can be vaccinated privately at Touchwood Pharmacy Odiham, Hook.

Is the hepatitis B vaccine a one-time dose, or are multiple doses required?

The hepatitis B vaccine is administered in a series of doses to establish and maintain maximum immunity. The number of doses and when they occur will vary depending on the factors such as age and health status. The healthcare professionals at Touchwood Pharmacy Odiham will give you the best guidance on your need for vaccination and the recommended schedule.

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