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When you plan the trip of a lifetime, the last thing you want to plan for is illness.

The best way to avoid illness whilst abroad is to take advantage of the vaccinations available. At our local travel clinic in Bromley, we offer hepatitis travel vaccination with convenient appointment times to suit you. We also offer vaccination for children, meaning you can take care of the health of your whole family in one setting.

Hepatitis Symptoms

The word hepatitis means inflammation of the liver tissue and it is most commonly caused by viruses including hepatitis A and B. It manifests as a flu-like illness, leaving you with headaches, joint pains, malaise and vomiting. Internally, it causes damage to the liver cells, and this can lead to jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) as the liver struggles to break down waste products efficiently. Hepatitis A is seen more frequently in children worldwide, as it is passed on by poor hand hygiene via the faecal-oral route. Hepatitis B is often transmitted sexually, however it can also be passed on by contaminated medical instruments or blood products. Hepatitis B is endemic in sub-Saharan African and Asia, and so consideration of the hepatitis B vaccine prior to travel to these regions is of utmost importance.

Hepatitis Treatment

Hepatitis treatment is mostly supportive. You may require a period of bed rest, a high calorie diet, or even intravenous fluids at a hospital abroad. Hepatitis A usually resolves within two months, whereas hepatitis B may last for four months. Occasionally, hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis, or permanent damage, to the liver. Prevention is always better than cure, and we are pleased to offer both the hepatitis A vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine at our Bromley branch of Touchwood Pharmacy.

Hepatitis Travel Vaccination Bromley

We have a team of experienced staff at our Bromley branch who will be delighted to give travel health advice over the phone or in person prior to, and during, your appointment. Our staff are able to give the hepatitis A vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine to both adults and children, and we offer all of our vaccines at competitive prices. Our vaccine specialists are on hand to offer additional travel health advice, including mosquito protection and additional vaccines you may wish to consider.

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