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Nobody wants to fall in on holiday, and luckily at our Hanwell branch of Touchwood Pharmacy we offer a comprehensive travel clinic to ensure you can protect yourself against as many tropical illnesses as possible before you travel. Our hepatitis A vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine are suitable for both adults and children, so you can take care of the whole family before you travel.

What Is Hepatitis?

The word hepatitis simply means inflammation of the cells in the liver. There can be many causes, but it is commonly caused by the viral infections hepatitis A and B. Hepatitis symptoms are similar to the symptoms of flu, with patients complaining of sore joints, a headache, tiredness and nausea. As the virus attacks the liver, the skin and eyes can become yellow, or jaundiced, as a result of waste products building up in the body when the liver is unable to clear them.

Hepatitis A is transmitted via the faecal oral route, and this is often blamed on poor hand hygiene or poor sanitation. Hepatitis B is often transmitted sexually, but can be transmitted if contaminated needles are re-used between patients. If you were to fall ill on holiday and needed treatment in a local hospital, knowing that you’ve had the hepatitis B vaccine could alleviate your worries.

Hepatitis Treatment

Hepatitis A lasts for around two months, and hepatitis B for up to four months. Hepatitis treatment is often mostly supportive, including rest, high calorie diets or intravenous fluids in hospital. Occasionally, viral hepatitis can lead to chronic hepatitis and scarring, or cirrhosis, of the liver. Prevention is much better than cure, and with the hepatitis A vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine available at our local branch in Hanwell, there’s never been a better time to book an appointment with us.

Hepatitis Travel Vaccination Hanwell

We aim to be accessible to all, and our vaccines are extremely competitively priced. We offer vaccinations for adults and children, with appointment times to suit you. Our experienced vaccine specialists will be happy to conduct a full consultation to offer the best advice on recommended vaccinations or health precautions depending on the nature of your trip. With a full range of other travel vaccinations available, you can be sure of a comprehensive service with us.

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