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Travelling the globe is one of the pleasures of modern life.

At the click of a button, we can book ourselves on holidays and trips of a lifetime. However, it is important to take care of your health before you leave the UK, and our comprehensive travel clinic in Northampton can help you ensure you have the necessary protection before you step onto the plane. Hepatitis travel vaccination is essential for visiting some countries to ensure you don’t come back to the UK with more than the usual souvenirs.

What Is Hepatitis?

The word hepatitis means inflammation of the liver, and it can be caused by a number of viruses including Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Hepatitis A is usually spread by contaminated water, poor sanitation or poor hygiene practices when using the toilet. Hepatitis B is mainly transmitted sexually, although it can be spread through infected blood, for example if needles are shared in an underfunded hospital setting abroad. In the most severe cases, hepatitis can lead to severe liver failure. At our Northampton branch, we offer both the hepatitis A vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine.

Hepatitis Symptoms

The early hepatitis symptoms include flu-like symptoms of tiredness, appetite loss and aching muscles. Fever can accompany hepatitis A. One to two weeks later, you may notice yellowing of the eyes and skin. Jaundice is a sign that the liver is no longer clearing waste products as efficiently as it should be. Hepatitis A may resolve within two months, and Hepatitis B usually resolves within four months, but both can leave you feeling far from well during the illness. Hepatitis treatment is supportive and may include intravenous fluids.

Hepatitis Travel Vaccination Northampton

The best way to avoid hepatitis A and hepatitis B is to attend for vaccination prior to travel. At our travel clinic we offer hepatitis travel vaccination at competitive prices. Our Northampton branch is conveniently located with plenty of parking. Our accredited professionals can discuss your vaccination needs, and any other health protection you should consider prior to your trip, including malaria prevention. The hepatitis A vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine is available to both adults and children, safeguarding the health of the whole family so that you can enjoy your trip without health worries.

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