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When you travel abroad, you need to feel confident in looking after the health of your whole family.

At our Northolt branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, we offer both the hepatitis A vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine to both adults and children, and our vaccinations are competitively priced. Ensuring you are fully vaccinated before arriving at the airport couldn’t be simpler.

What Is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver tissue, and one of the most common causes of this is viral infection, including both the hepatitis A and B virus. The virus damages the liver making it less able to process waste products within the body. Hepatitis A is transmitted through the faecal-oral route, by poor hand hygiene or poor toileting facilities or practices. Hepatitis B is usually transmitted sexually but can also be passed on through medical instruments that are contaminated with another person’s blood. This could occur in a hospital abroad that does not have facilities to sterilise medical equipment.

Hepatitis Symptoms

The main hepatitis symptoms include flu-like symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, joint pains and loss of appetite. The skin and eyes become yellowed, or jaundiced, as a result of waste products not being properly processed by the liver. Hepatitis A symptoms might last for one to two months. Hepatitis B can last for three to four months. Occasionally, hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis or permanent scarring of the liver. Hepatitis treatment is supportive, and may involve rest, a high calorie diet, and fluids given into the vein. Luckily, you can avoid all of this on your trip abroad, by attending our Northolt branch for full hepatitis travel vaccination.

Hepatitis Travel Vaccination Northolt

Our local pharmacy in Northolt offers vaccination for both adults and children, meaning you can relax knowing that the whole family is protected. Our qualified vaccine specialists will conduct a detailed consultation before giving advice on the travel vaccinations you require, which could include the hepatitis A vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine. All of our vaccinations are reasonably priced, and we are pleased to offer a full vaccination service in a convenient location.

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