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When you book the trip of a lifetime, the last thing you want to think about is falling ill when you get there.

At our Ramsgate branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, we offer hepatitis travel vaccination for the whole family so that you can travel free of fear of contracting hepatitis A or B whilst away from the UK. If required, our experienced staff are on hand to provide advice in person or over the phone before you book your appointment.

Hepatitis A And B

Hepatitis A and B are both viruses that cause damage to the liver. Hepatitis symptoms include lethargy, joint pains, diarrhea and jaundice due to waste products not being processed by the damaged liver. Hepatitis A is usually passed on through poor hand hygiene when cooking, eating, or using the toilet. Worldwide, children are more affected by hepatitis A than adults. Hepatitis B is often sexually transmitted but can be passed on through medical instruments contaminated with another person’s blood. This can occur in hospitals abroad where facilities are not available for sterilization of needles, and single-use equipment is not available. The most endemic regions for hepatitis B are sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Hepatitis Treatment

Treatment is often supportive, involving rest, high calorie diets and intravenous fluids. Hepatitis A lasts for around one to two months, and hepatitis B lasts for three to four months. Picking up an unwanted virus that could last for months is the last thing you want when you go abroad. Luckily, we offer the hepatitis A vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine at competitive prices from our branch in Ramsgate.

Hepatitis Travel Vaccination Ramsgate

With hepatitis vaccination available for the whole family, including children, there’s no need to look any further to take care of the travel health of every traveller in your party. We offer convenient appointments, and our experienced staff can advise on additional vaccinations from rabies to typhoid, depending on the details of your trip. Our friendly staff are also available to help with any other travel health queries you may have.

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