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The human papillomavirus or commonly known as HPV is the principal cause of cervical cancer in women.

HPV is transmitted through sexual contact, and there are about 40 types of HPV that are quite harmful. A HPV infection leads to specific types of cancer in men as well as women. Many people infected with HPV can also get genital warts. Most people who contract the disease do not show any symptoms. Cancers caused by the papillomavirus are prevalent but can be prevented by the HPV vaccine in Ramsgate.

The most common and primary symptom of HPV infection is genital warts. Developed pap smears have led to the diagnosis and treatment of many HPV linked cancers. If you are sexually active, you are required to have pap smears regularly. An individual can have an HPV infection for years without even knowing it, and can accidentally spread the disease.

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There is no final treatment for HPV and no guaranteed cure. Within two years of contracting HPV, most of the infected people will have no signs of the common HPV infection. However, HPV can lay dormant inside the body and can be spread through unprotected sexual contact. Pregnant women can spread HPV to their fetuses. If you are not protectedfrom HPV, you should get your HPV vaccine in Kent today.

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