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As a nation, we have become accustomed to the comprehensive schedule of vaccinations provided in childhood by the NHS, and so it can be overwhelming to think about private travel vaccinations prior to going abroad.

At the Bromley branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, our vaccine experts can take the stress out of protecting your health. We offer a multitude of travel vaccinations, including the Japanese encephalitis vaccine, and our staff can make health recommendations that are tailored purely to you and your travel plans.

What Is Japanese Encephalitis Caused By?

Japanese encephalitis is a tropical disease found in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. It is sometimes known as Japanese fever, and is transmitted by the infected bite of a mosquito. It causes a high fever, headaches, vomiting and confusion, and later leads to encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. In around half of all people who get symptoms, the virus leaves permanent neurological damage including limb paralysis or deafness. The best prevention against the virus is to attend for the Japanese encephalitis vaccine prior to leaving Bromley.

Japanese Encephalitis Treatment

Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for Japanese encephalitis. People with symptoms caused by the virus need to be treated in hospital, and may require support with feeding or breathing. They may also need medications to stop seizures or to reduce the pressure surrounding the brain. Although avoiding mosquito bites may seem possible before you travel, once you are abroad only the knowledge that you have had the Japanese encephalitis vaccine can give you peace of mind that your health is properly protected.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination Bromley

At Touchwood Pharmacy In Bromley, We Are Committed To Making Travel Healthcare Accessible To All. Our Convenient Location, And Competitively Priced Vaccinations Mean There’s No Need To Go Anywhere Else For Your Travel Health Needs. The Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Costs Just £85, And Our Vaccine Experts In Store Can Provide Up-To-Date Recommendations Regarding Other Vaccinations You May Need To Consider From Rabies To Typhoid. Our Experience Extends Further Than Just Vaccinations, Too, And We Can Advise On Insect Repellents, Sun Protection And Mosquito Nets. Protecting Your Health Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Do Before You Leave The UK, And At Touchwood Pharmacy You Can Be Sure We’ll Make The Process Easy For You.

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