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When you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, finding the time to tick travel vaccinations off your ‘to do’ list can feel impossible.

At our Hanwell travel clinic, we offer a full travel health service under one roof and our experienced staff make the process as easy as possible for you. From the Japanese encephalitis vaccine to sun cream and insect repellents, you won’t need to go further to ensure your health is protected before you leave the UK.

What Is Japanese Encephalitis Caused By?

Japanese encephalitis is a tropical viral infection caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus. The virus is carried by the Culex mosquito, and is passed to humans when a mosquito carrying the virus transmits it by biting the skin. It is also known as Japanese fever, because a high fever accompanies the illness. Other symptoms tend to occur around one to two weeks later, and may include headaches, vomiting and confusion. Encephalitis means inflammation of the brain, and the signs of this might be seizures, limb weakness or neck stiffness.

Japanese encephalitis is found in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. It affects almost 70,000 people each year, with 17,00 deaths reported.

Japanese Encephalitis Treatment

There is no known cure for Japanese encephalitis, and treatment focuses on supporting breathing and nutrition when required. Treatment may also be needed to control and prevent seizures. Around half of people who have symptoms of Japanese encephalitis are left with permanent neurological damage, which may include limb paralysis or deafness. The best way to protect yourself against Japanese encephalitis is to attend for the Japanese encephalitis vaccine prior to travelling abroad.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination Hanwell

At Touchwood Pharmacy in Hanwell, our mission is to provide travel healthcare that is accessible to all. We are pleased to offer appointments from our local pharmacy at a time to suit you, and the pricing of all our vaccinations is highly competitive. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine costs just £85. Making sure your health is fully protected before you travel needn’t be a chore, and at our Hanwell pharmacy our vaccine specialists can provide all the information you need to take care of your health abroad.

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