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Travelling to Southeast Asia is a dream for many of us, but making time for travel vaccinations can feel like a chore.

At our Northampton branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, we make it easy to attend appointments for the vaccinations you need, including the Japanese encephalitis vaccine.

What Is Japanese Encephalitis?

Sometimes known as Japanese fever, it is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. Despite its name, it is not confined to Japan, and can be found across Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. Although it can occur without symptoms, the main associated symptoms are headaches, high fevers, vomiting and confusion due to inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). Symptoms appear around five to fifteen days after infection. Every year, almost 70,000 people suffer from Japanese encephalitis with symptoms, and around 17,000 people die as a result of the infection.

Japanese Encephalitis Treatment

There is no cure for the infection, so management involves supporting the patient in assistance with feeding or breathing if required. Some patients may require treatment to stop seizures. Permanent problems can persist in up to half of people who recover from Japanese encephalitis, including paralysis of the arms of legs. This is one viral infection you don’t want to contract, and the best way to avoid it is to attend for the Japanese encephalitis vaccine prior to travel.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination Northampton

Requiring hospital admission and treatment abroad is the last thing you want to think about before you travel, and luckily vaccinations are available against many tropical diseases. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is available at the Northampton branch of Touchwood Pharmacy for just £85. The vaccine provides immunity for at least two years, and possibly longer, meaning that you are protected for all subsequent trips to Asia during this time. Our travel clinic is conveniently located within Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre, and there is plenty of parking available for our customers. Our experienced vaccine specialists can advise on any other vaccinations or precautions you may wish to consider depending on the nature of your trip, and with our local pharmacy, attending for vaccination has never been easier. The best way to avoid Japanese encephalitis caused by a mosquito bite is to ensure you visit us in Northampton for vaccination before you travel.

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