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You can spend years planning the trip of a lifetime, and contracting a tropical disease whilst you are away could spell disaster.

From Japanese encephalitis to typhoid, some infections that are not present in the UK can pose a serious threat to your health elsewhere in the world. Luckily, you can protect yourself with vaccinations, including the Japanese encephalitis vaccine, before you even leave Northolt.

What Is Japanese Encephalitis Caused By?

Japanese encephalitis, sometimes known as Japanese fever, is a tropical infection that is transmitted by mosquitoes in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. It occurs when a mosquito carrying the Japanese encephalitis virus bites and then passes the virus on to a human. Symptoms take around five to fifteen days to begin, and include malaise, fever and headache. Up to a week later, the encephalitic phase begins. Encephalitis means inflammation of the brain, and symptoms of this include seizures, confusion and paralysis of the limbs.

Japanese Encephalitis Treatment

There is no specific treatment for Japanese encephalitis, so management involves supporting the patient with feeding and breathing if required. If seizures occur, medication to treat and prevent the seizures may be required. Admission to hospital is generally required. Sadly, there are about 68,000 cases of Japanese encephalitis every year, and around 17,000 deaths. Protecting yourself against Japanese encephalitis couldn’t be more important before you travel to a high risk region.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine provides protection against the virus for two or more years for anyone visiting a high risk area of the world. At Touchwood Pharmacy, we understand that it can be difficult to make time to research the vaccinations you may need before you travel, but our highly experienced vaccine specialists can guide you through the process. We offer a full consultation to understand your travel plans, and can make up-to-date recommendations regarding the Japanese encephalitis vaccine and other travel vaccinations that you may need to consider. Our convenient location in Northolt makes it easier than ever to protect your health before you travel, and with our competitive pricing, we’re proud to be the travel health clinic you can trust.

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