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When you book the trip of a lifetime, you won’t want to factor illness into your itinerary.

The best way to avoid serious infectious diseases whilst you are away from the UK is to attend our travel clinic for up to date advice and recommendations regarding travel health. We offer a range of travel vaccinations including the Japanese encephalitis vaccine from the convenience of your local pharmacy.

What Is Japanese Encephalitis Caused By?

Japanese encephalitis, or Japanese fever, is a virus carried by mosquitoes. It is not confined only to Japan, but can also be found in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. Culex mosquitoes carry the Japanese Encephalitis virus, and it is transmitted when a carrier mosquito bites the skin of a human. Not everyone becomes symptomatic of Japanese encephalitis, but when early symptoms arise, they include fever, headache, malaise and rigors (extreme shivering). Encephalitis means inflammation of the brain, and once this stage of the infection has been reached, patients may show neck stiffness, seizures and paralysis of limbs.

Japanese Encephalitis Treatment

Treatment of someone with Japanese encephalitis is supportive as there is no specific treatment. Treatment usually takes place in hospital and involves support with feeding, breathing, and controlling seizures should they occur. Whilst this all sounds very intimidating, we are lucky that there is a Japanese encephalitis vaccine readily available in the UK, and available in our Streatham branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, meaning that you need not worry about this tropical illness when you visit an area in which Japanese encephalitis is known to exist.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination Streatham

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine provides protection against Japanese encephalitis for up to two years, meaning you’ll be completely covered during this time period. As other infectious diseases, including malaria, are transmitted through mosquito bites, taking precautions against insect bites remains of paramount importance. Our experienced pharmacists and vaccine specialists can offer advice on insect repellents, anti-malarials and mosquito nets as part of their thorough consultation.

Our Streatham pharmacy is based on Streatham High Road, and we aim to make travel health accessible for all. From the highly competitive pricing of our vaccinations to our convenient car park for customers, it’s easy to see why our customers choose to use Touchwood Pharmacy for the Japanese encephalitis vaccine and all other travel health needs.

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