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The inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord is called meningitis.

About 10 to 15% of cases of meningitis can lead to death or permanent disability. Some outbreaks have reached 50% mortality when left untreated. Effective vaccines for meningitis are available at our pharmacy in Kent and Ramsgate.

Serious and permanent side effects such as brain damage, deafness and amputation may occur.

Each form of meningitis has specific identifying markers. They are,

  • Bacterial: Carried and spread by the bacteria. This type of the disease is vaccine-preventable.
  • Viral: While dangerous, this is usually less severe than the bacterial infection. Vaccines protect against this strain effectively.
  • Fungal: This fungi-caused variant is quite rare and is associated to much higher risks.

How Does Meningitis Spread?

Each form of meningitis spreads uniquely. Bacterial and viral meningitis can easily spread from person-to-person through air droplets, nasal secretions, or kissing. Environmental factors usually cause fungal and parasitic.

Viral and bacterial infection cases are most commonly reported. They are usually spread within populations that either live or work together. Living together, close contact and shared facilities are a few well-known risk areas.

Fewer parts of the world are at an escalated risk for meningitis. These include the ‘meningitis belt’ in the African continent and Saudi Arabia during the Hajj season.

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