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Can I get same-day earache relief for my child in Surrey?

Our Pharmacy First service prioritizes convenience. At our Camberley branch (GU15), we can assess your child’s earache on the same day, recommend over-the-counter pain relief if suitable, and potentially prescribe antibiotics, all within one visit. No waiting for doctor appointments translates to faster relief and comfort for your child.

I am breastfeeding my baby. Is the Pharmacy First service suitable for their earache?

The Pharmacy First service is applicable to children from ages 1 to 18. Our pharmacists can offer advice on soothing your baby’s discomfort and recommend consulting your GP or health visitor for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Breastfeeding your baby can actually boost their immune system and potentially help them fight off the infection naturally. Additionally, we can provide information on safe pain relief options or home remedies suitable for young babies. Remember, while we can’t directly treat their earache through the Pharmacy First service, our pharmacists are dedicated to helping you find the best course of action for your baby’s well-being.

Are there any situations where the Pharmacy First service wouldn't be suitable for my child's earache?

The Pharmacy First service is primarily designed for uncomplicated earache cases in children aged 2-18 years. If your child experiences severe symptoms like facial paralysis, high fever, or persistent vomiting alongside the earache, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention from your GP or visit the nearest emergency department. Additionally, the service isn’t applicable to children under 2 years old or those with certain underlying medical conditions.

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