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Can scratching make impetigo worse?

Yes, scratching the itchy sores can significantly worsen impetigo. It breaks the fragile skin and spreads the bacteria, leading to larger, deeper sores and potential secondary infections.

Do I need to see a GP first for Impetigo?

Nope! Gone are the days of having to trek across Surrey trying to see your GP for Impetigo. If you suspect impetigo, simply head to Touchwood Pharmacy Camberley (GU15). We’ll assess your symptoms and treat you on the spot if suitable.

Does Touchwood Pharmacy Camberley treat impetigo?

Yes! Our trained pharmacists are now qualified to diagnose and treat non-bullous impetigo through the Pharmacy First service. No appointment needed!
Your local experts for impetigo and other minor ailments. We’re committed to providing fast, friendly, and professional healthcare to the communities of Farnborough, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Ascot, Bagshot, and beyond.


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