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Can I treat impetigo at home?

Mild cases without fever or spreading may be managed at home with gentle cleaning, warm compresses. However, it is best to get your symptoms assessed by the Pharmacy First Impetigo service at Touchwood Pharmacy Northolt (UB5). If needed, the service can prescribe impetigo antibiotics and topical creams.

Can I prevent impetigo?

Frequent handwashing, avoiding close contact with infected individuals, and good skin hygiene practices can significantly reduce the risk. But if you’re already suffering from symptoms of impetigo in the Hayes, Hillingdon, Ruislip or wider Uxbridge area, then seek the expertise of the Pharmacy First Impetigo service in Northolt for timely treatment.

Can impetigo cause permanent scarring?

In most cases, impetigo heals without leaving any permanent scars. However, if the sores are deep or left untreated for a long time, there’s a slight risk of scarring. Your best bet is to have your impetigo symptoms seen by a professional to avoid this potential. Our impetigo experts in Northolt will be happy you did.


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