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Can I treat myself for impetigo?

Antibiotics are usually necessary to effectively combat the bacterial infection causing impetigo. Using improper medication or home remedies might not be effective and even worsen the condition.
Previously, you would need to see your GP for antibiotics. But now, the Pharmacy First Impetigo service at Touchwood Pharmacy Odiham can assess your symptoms and prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.

Who can be treated for Impetigo at Touchwood Pharmacy Odiham?

Its not just locals in Odiham who can benefit from the Pharmacy First Impetigo service. We regularly see patients from across the region including Hook, Fleet, Basingstoke, and the wider Hampshire area.

How can I prevent Impetigo from spreading?

• Stay away from school or work
• Practice good hygiene
• Avoid scratching
• Keep the area clean and dry
• Cover the sores loosely
• Avoid close contact with others
• Do not share flannels, sheets or towels


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