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How long should I isolate with impetigo?

The contagious period for impetigo generally lasts until the sores have completely healed and crusted over. This usually takes around 7-10 days with proper treatment. It is important to have your symptoms seen to so that the proper treatment can be prescribed by the Pharmacy First Impetigo service at Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate. Before and during treatment you should maintain good hygiene and avoid close contact with others during this time to avoid further spread of an impetigo infection.

Can swimming with impetigo spread the infection?

While we all want to take full advantage of the beautiful East Kent coastline, impetigo can put a dampener on these plans. Swimming with impetigo isn’t recommended. Pools and other bodies of water can facilitate the spread of bacteria to others and may worsen your own infection. So best skip Margate beach until your impetigo is fully healed.

Can I use the Pharmacy First Impetigo Service if I don't live in Ramsgate?

Absolutely. Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate is located in Minster but welcomes patients suffering impetigo from all over the East Kent area.


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