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Is impetigo contagious?

Yes, impetigo is very contagious through direct skin contact or sharing contaminated objects. Good hygiene is crucial to preventing spread. Swift treatment is crucial to avoiding its spread.

How is impetigo treated?

Most cases are treated with topical antibiotics applied directly to the sores, although oral antibiotics may be needed for wider or severe infections. Once upon a time these medicines could only be obtained after a visit to your GP. But nowadays the Pharmacy First Impetigo service at Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham (SW16) can mean avoiding the long battle to see a GP and quick trip to the pharmacy is all that’s needed.

What does the Pharmacy First Impetigo service entail?

One of our experienced pharmacists will conduct a private consultation where they will assess your symptoms, examine the affected areas and prepare a course of treatment. Sometimes this will include a topical cream and antibiotics.


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