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How long does impetigo take to clear up?

This varies from person to person. However, with proper treatment, impetigo usually improves within 7-10 days. Getting the right treatment is important and thankfully you no longer need to battle for a GP appointment to get the treatment you need. Visit a Touchwood Pharmacy in Sydenham for the Pharmacy First Impetigo service.

What are the complications of impetigo?

While rare, untreated impetigo can lead to secondary infections, cellulitis, or kidney damage. I think we can agree that these are best avoided and swift treatment is a good first step.

Do I have to live in Sydenham for the Pharmacy First Impetigo service?

Not at all. Patients are welcome from all areas. So whether you’re suffering from impetigo in Forest Hill, Dulwich, Penge or further afield in South London, visit Touchwood Pharmacy in Sydenham for a quick solution.


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